Within a few years KOMOS GROUP has become one of the major agribusiness companies in Russia. Today, the company comprises 12 enterprises, the leading food manufactures in the Udmurt Republic and Perm region.
  • KOMOS GROUP was founded as a wholesale branch of “Udmurtnefteproduct” JSC. The company was once called “Trading Company “Udmurtnefteproduct” LLC.
  • Acquisition of “Glazovsky feed mill” LLC. The rate of capacity utilization was rather low at that time (about 20%).
  • Acquisition of “Kigbaevsky”, a pig farming enterprise already under bankruptcy.
  • Acquisition of the first block of shares in “Izhmoloko” CJSC, one of the largest dairy producers in the Udmurt Republic.
  • Purchase of shares in the following dairy plants: “Kezsky cheese factory” JSC, “Glazov-moloko” JSC, “Sarapul-moloko” JSC, “Karakulino-moloko” JSC.
  • Agribusiness assets of “Udmurtnefteproduct” JSC were converted into KOMOS GROUP LLC.
  • Acquisition of blocks of shares in the five poultry plants located in the Udmurt Republic.
  • Acquisition of the controlling stakes in “Izhmoloko” CJSC and “Vostochny” JSC.
  • All member companies (with the exception of “Kezsky cheese factory” JSC) transferred the sole executive authority to KOMOS GROUP LLC.
  • KOMOS GROUP LLC issued its debut bonds totaling 2 billion rubles.
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers report resulted in KOMOS GROUP’s comprehensive diagnostics and business portfolio analysis.
  • Retained BDO Unicon for audit of the consolidated financial statements (IFRS, 2007-2008).
  • Acquisition of a controlling stake in “Kezsky cheese factory” JSC.
  • “Kezsky cheese factory” JSC transferred the sole executive authority to KOMOS GROUP LLC.
  • BDO Unicon submitted its audit report regarding KOMOS GROUP’s consolidated financial statements (IFRS, 2007-2008).
  • Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, highly appreciated the project of a turnkey meat processing company.
  • KOMOS GROUP’s regional project “Development of industrial meat production and processing in the Udmurt Republic” was included into the list of high priority investment projects of the Volga Federal district.
  • Acquisition of “Mendeleevskaya poultry plant” JSC.
  • Acquisition of the controlling interest in “Vostochny” JSC, “Izhevskaya poultry plant” JSC, “Varaksino poultry plant” JSC, and “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” JSC.
  • Acquisition of “Udmurtsky khladokombinat “Icevita” JSC and “Permsky khladokombinat “Sozvezdie” JSC.
  • Consolidation of “Glazovskaya poultry plant” LLC and “Udmurtskaya poultry plant” LLC.
  • Consolidation of “Izhevskaya poultry plant” LLC, “Votkinskaya poultry plant” LLC and “Varaksino poultry plant” LLC.
  • Launch of the projects aimed at creation of a common transportation company and a milk trading company “Milkom”.
  • Launch of consolidation of milk processing plants into “Milkom” LLC.
  • Acquisition of “Krasnokamsky meat processing plant “KELMI” JSC (Perm region).