Management Company KOMOS GROUP LLC administers the supervised enterprises in the most effective way by defining corporate strategy, managing the Company’s business portfolio as it would manage financial assets with regard to their synergy, and discovering and implementing international best practices.

KOMOS GROUP pursues the following principles:

Common standard for business management

Management of all member companies is guided by a common legal framework, which represents a uniform well-developed set of management contracts. Day-to-day management and monitoring implementation of the management company’s resolutions are regulated by internal company standards.

Respect for business owners’ rights

We give business owners real opportunity to exercise their shareholder rights.


We observe the legislative requirements relevant to the exercise of shareholders’ rights, acquisition of investment property and equities, and corporate approval of material transactions.

Reasonableness and good faith

While acting in the interests of its member companies, KOMOS GROUP runs the current activities sensibly and in good faith.


We ensure full, accurate, and timely disclosure of information relevant to the financial-economic activity of member companies.

Consistency of external and internal control

We monitor the financial-economic activity of member companies to protect business owners’ rights and legitimate interests.