KOMOS GROUP makes a substantial contribution to tackling the problem of global growth in food demand and strengthening food security of the country.

KOMOS GROUP delivers natural, safe, and affordable food products to 53 regions of Russia. We use only natural raw materials in food production because taking care of consumers’ health is our social mission. The high quality of our products is ensured by state-of-the-art production technologies, modern equipment, and quality control.

We produce food products that help to preserve people’s health and strengthen their immune system. Our line of functional foods includes immunolact, biokefir, acidophilus yogurt, and enriched eggs. We pay special attention to childrens’ foods, and our member companies supply dairy products in the framework of the national “School milk” program.

The company takes part in Russia’s first project for collecting and recycling carton packages under the “School milk” program. This project was initiated by Tetra Pak. We strongly believe that responsible manufacturing suggests environment preservation; therefore we implement technologies that meet strict environmental standards and reduce negative impact on the environment.

KOMOS GROUP promotes economic and social growth of rural areas, and at the same develops the infrastructure and invests in farms’ development in close cooperation with the State. KOMOS GROUP supports local farmers, in terms of machinery purchase, consulting and specialists’ training. It helps the farmers to improve their qualification and to become our successful suppliers..

KOMOS GROUP establishes partnership with the state and local authorities, which is based on a balance of interests. We create jobs, participate in long-term social projects, and provide support in emergency situations. After a flood in Krymsk, located in Krasnodar region, we immediately delivered 2,5 tonnes of food products with a long shelf life to the disaster area. People received aid at the moment, when life after the tragedy hadn’t returned to normal yet.

Charity is one of KOMOS GROUP’s major social activities. The company has established and supported a charitable foundation called “Working town” that finances long-term social programs and provides targeted social assistance. In 2012, the company established a charitable foundation called “Rodnoe Prikamie” to render aid to rural regions of the Udmurt republic. In 2012, KOMOS GROUP allocated over 13 million rubles to charitable projects.